What is FitSM?

FitSM stands for lightweight IT Service Management. This freely accessible standard makes it easier to introduce effective IT service management, especially in federated environments. FitSM can facilitate collaboration between different or competing organizations. With the help of the framework, similar to COBIT, the maturity level of the processes can be determined.

The FitSM framework consists of individual standards. Four documents form the core, these are supplemented by application help. FitSM is a standard issued by the EU Commission.

FitSM-0: Terms and definitions
Overview of the overall concept.

FitSM-1: Requirements
Requirements for a functioning IT service management system.

FitSM-2: Goals and activities
Recommendation of various principles and activities to implement the requirements of FitSM-1.

FitSM-3: Role model
Roller model, which is based on FitSM-1.

FitSM-4: Templates and example
Sample templates to be consistent across all organizations.

FitSM-5: Guidelines
Guidelines to facilitate the implementation of the IT service management system and own processes.

FitSM-6: Self-assessment
Assessment tool to determine the degree of maturity.


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Maturity level analysis and audit


    The audit of the maturity level is carried out in 5 steps:

  • Coordination of the scope of consideration

  • Analysis and examination of documents

  • Checking the processes on site through interviews with the responsible persons

  • Evaluation of the audit results

  • Reporting

BFMT can support you in determining and testing the maturity level of your processes and certify this.