What is COBIT

Control Objectives for Information and related Technology is an internationally recognized framework for IT governance. COBIT can support the development of an internal IT control system by fulfilling external compliance requirements for IT and helps to prove these requirements continuously. By describing the control tools for the IT processes, COBIT provides templates to determine process maturity levels. The COBIT framework breaks down IT tasks into processes to support IT governance by providing a comprehensive description of the control objectives for IT processes. Appropriately defined and operated IT processes are required for processing information, managing IT resources and providing services. COBIT thus serves as a tool for closing gaps in control requirements and business risks.

Maturity level analysis

A maturity level analysis can reveal potential for improvement and support the continuous improvement process in the company.

    The following criteria are considered in this analysis:

  • Awareness and communication

  • Guidelines, plans and procedures

  • Tools and automation

  • Skills and experience

  • Competence and responsibility

  • Objective and measurement

    The audit of the maturity level is carried out in 5 steps:

  • Coordination of the scope of consideration

  • Analysis and examination of documents

  • Checking the processes on site through interviews with the responsible persons

  • Evaluation of the audit results

  • Reporting

BFMT can support you in determining and testing the maturity level of your processes.


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